Film Audio post

Every Films need  specialized work on audio post as Audio/Sound is an integral part of any Film.

We have  set up a complete Film Audio Post  ,from dubbing to the mixing. We have acoustically treated dubbing room with LED TV fitted,  for Film Dubbing . Total noise free, nice ambience room to recreate or match the sync sound films. As the studio is centrally air-cooled, no interference or discomfort fo Ac being put off/on. Extremely comfortable room even for long sessions.

From Dubbing stage to the Dub Sync and for sound FX, we have specially made floors for Foley recording of various kind and we can hire skilled Foley artist to achieve ultimate level of quality as the Foley room is silent and ambient enough to create wonders as real sound.

We have set for track laying of ambience and stock FX.

Finally the Mix set up, where we have 5.1 set up using world leader  Dyna 6A monitors and a Subwoofer for the premix .We also can have a 7.1 premix out coming out  from our studio.