satya manikThe Studio, Leitmotif Records was formed in August 2003 by the music duo Satya Manik, the two directors are a great combo of south and north. Sathianarayanan C. is a Electronic  Engineer, is a pianist and has mastered the art of music programming while ,Manik Batra is a percusionist, sound engineer and drum programmer. The two have been tangoing since last 10 years.

The Studio has been designed acoustically  by Pramod Thomas, FTI engineer. Our basic aim is to produce good music. Music, which we enjoy , and music as per requirements. Since we are musicians ourselves, to provide the best , we built a studio for musicians i.e
Studio built for musician by musicians and we believe in customer satisfaction.

Recording studio built by musicians for musicians – we pride ourselves on this fact. Leitmotif Records caters to the needs of major label, corporates and independent projects with quality music production services and a high tech recording studio at great rates. Leitmotif Records is a state-of-the-art studio that offers clients an intimate recording environment while maintaining a world-class level of technical excellence, LMR is known as the feel at home recording studio.

Over such a short period Leitmotif Records has managed to successfully complete work for entertainment giants such as Zee Networks, Star, Sony, Balaji Telefilms, Reel, UTV, Epitome, Moving Pictures , Dq entertainment and many other well known names and now leading music directors and film production houses are attracted to LMR studio because of its quality and dedication  in mixing and mastering.