Easy accessibility & convenience combined with the chance to work with talented people in an amazing studio are just a few of the reasons that artists and labels love working with Leitmotif Records. We work closely with music composer, A&R and the artists to make each project run smoothly and to provide the best quality output.

At Leitmotif Records you can work the way you want as the company has a fully loaded audio studio with state of art DAW Protools HD3. We facilitates, 5.1 premix , foley records, and film dub. Leitmotif Records is producing 1-2 music albums every month besides promoting outside work of releasing albums. Prithvi Sharma is the Chief engineer with musical background and has sound knowledge in studio engineering and music production.

Leitmotif Records, LMR studio wired of DAW Protools HD3, Yamaha O2R  32 channel 16 bus digital mixer ,Dyna BM 6 and BM 15 Monitors, Focusrite pre-amp,TC powercore range of microphones include U87, AKG C414, AKG C3000b , Audiotechnica ATR 30 , and Shure legendary SM 58.